Conditions of Use

Summary of Conditions of Use

When you have make and paid the order, we will ship the ordered products to you. You can return the products within 14 days. By using this site, you accept our our privacy policy.

See below for more details.

1. Order validity

Orders are valid when the order confirmation has been sent. The order confirmation is sent via email to the customer.

Customer can cancel the order via email, mail or phone before the order is shipped. Order is delivered when the order or part of the order is delivered to the customer or when customer receives notification the the order can be picked up from the post office or courier.

2. Prices

The prices shown in web pages is valid. Price is in euros (EUR). Prices are subject of change without notice. If there are clear pricing mistakes, order can be cancelled, if the mistake is such that customer should understand there is mistake in pricing.

Shipping fee might be added to the order and this is shown always before the customer makes the final confirmation. See more information from shipping methods -page.

Prices are inclusive of VAT, when shipping country is inside EU. If the shipping country is outside EU, then prices are exclusive of VAT, but customer is responsible to pay any possible import taxes, duties and other similar fees in shipping country.

3. Shipping

If the product is in stock, estimated shipping time is 1-14 working days within Finland, 2-15 days within EU, and about 1-3 weeks to the rest of the world.

If a product is out of stock, the product is shipped as soon as possible when we get more products. All is done that customer will know before hand if some product is out of stock. Usually this information is displayed in the product\s page before adding it to the shopping cart.

If some items in the order are out of stock, items available are shipped immediately and out of stock items later without additional cost.

We try always send the order with the shipping method customer selects, but in some cases we might send with other shipping method. For example backorders might be sent with other shipping method. We keep right to send small orders as a letter, when needed.

Customer is fully responsible that the ordered products are legal in customer's country and can be imported to customer's country. Mistpool is not responsible if products are seized by authorities. Customer is also responsible to pay any possible import taxes, duties and other similar fees.

4. Payment

Customer pays the order before delivery using the available payment methods, which are listed on payment page. Some payment method are limited to some countries only.

5. Returns

All products can be returned within 14 days after the customer has received the order. Products must be un-used and in original condition. DVDs and similar products must be unopened. Returning is free within EU and Norway. From other countries the customer pays the return costs.

Customer should email to BEFORE returning the products. Returned products can be changed or the price is returned to customer.

We reserve the right to charge the customer for shipping and return costs incurred for uncollected orders.

6. Damaged products

Sometimes products are damaged in the shipping. Please make damage notification to the post office or courier as soon as possible, prefereably before accepting the order if possible. Please, contact also our customer support.

7. Reclamation

If customer receives wrong or damaged product or it is not otherwise what customer expected, customer must notify Mistpool within 14 days. Please send email to address Other contact methods are available in the info-box below. Invalid products must be returned according the given instructions (chapter 5). You must make the reclamation befor returning the product. The price of the order is returned to customer as soon as possible.

8. Force majeure

Mistpool Inc. is not responsible if order delivery is prevented or delayed for any reason which are not caused by Mistpool Inc, for example war, natural disasters, import- or exort restrictions, general traffic problems or other similar reasons, which might complicate or deny Mistpool\s business.

9. Governing Law

All cases are examined according Finnish Law.

10. Privacy policy

By using this site, you accept our privacy policy.


If there are differences in the conditions of use in different languages, the Finnish version will be used.