Flex Coat Rod Finish Loaded Syringe Kit

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Manufacturer: Flex Coat

Flex Coat's quality finishes now in handy syringe pack. Easy and clean to use. Kit contains two 12 ml loaded syringes (resin & hardener), four mixing sticks, four mixing cups and four finishing brushes.

Rotate the rod at least 30 minutes and allow the first coat to cure at least 8 hours. Repeat the same if you want more than one coat.

Available in original High Build and Lite Build versions.

High Build is the world's #1 selling epoxy thread wrap finish. Easy to use and perfect for nearly any rod. The closest you can get to a do-it-all thread wrap finish in a high-build, flexible coating that lasts a lifetime.

If you desire a lighter weight, thinner coating, choose Lite Build. Beginners love how easy it is to use. Pros choose "Lite" for its elegant appearance. Perfect for fly rods and ultra light rods. Can be applied in multiple coats if you desire more depth without additional weight.

One package is enough for approx. four rods.


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