Fulling Mill All Purpose Light

Manufacturer: Fulling Mill

Fulling Mill's All Purpose Light hook is light and suitable for dry and small wet flies also. Chemically sharpened.

Round bend, down eye, 3X fine wire.

Hooks have micro barb to minimize fish damage whilst providing faster initial penetration and less force to set. Easy to de-barb.

50 hook economical package. Fulling Mill's hooks are high quality, but still economical.

All Purpose Light has about same profile as Mustad 94833, Partridge L4A and Tiemco 5230 hooks.

Hook size Total length Gape width
#8 18,8 mm 6,7 mm
#10 16,1 mm 5,3 mm
#12 14,5 mm 4,6 mm
#14 12,4 mm 3,9 mm
#16 10,9 mm 3,3 mm
#18 8,8 mm 2,8 mm

Hook Size:

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