Victorinox Santoku Knife

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Manufacturer: Victorinox

The versatility and quality that are hallmarks of Victorinox pocket knives are superbly encapsulated in the Santoku, the new home and kitchen tool. The Japanese words for fish, meat and vegetables have been borrowed to coin the name Santoku.

An all-rounder in the kitchen, the universal utility and kitchen knife is ideal for cutting, preparing salads and vegetables, chopping, filleting, slicing, etc.
The ergonomic handle ensures an optimal grip and the 17 cm blade provides a perfect counterbalance.

This Japanese multi-purpose knife has special blade: the Kullenschliff, a "hollow-ground" edge that helps stops food clinging on the blade surface. The handle is wooden (hand-wash recommended).

Blade's length is 17 cm.

17 cm
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