TFO BVK Super Large Arbor Reel

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BVK reels are precision machined from bar stock aluminum. The clear silver anodized frames and spools are ported to eliminate excess weight. Equally at home in both fresh and salt waters, the super large arbor design provides faster line pick up and helps the maintenance free drag system work at a more constant pressure that standard arbor reels. Delrin / Stainless stacked discs make the drag silky smooth and the one way clutch bearing makes engagement instant and left to right hand conversion simple (model SLA I and larger). SLA 0 model is dragless (Click-Pawl).

Model Class Diameter Width Weight Capacity Color
TFR BVK SLA 0 #0-2 7,0 cm 2,8 cm 62 g  50 yards/20lb/WF1F  Green 
TFR BVK SLA I #3-4 8,4 cm 3,3 cm 130 g 75 yards/20lb./WF4F Green
TFR BVK SLA II #5-6 9,5 cm 3,3 cm 139 g 200 yards/20lb./WF6F Green
TFR BVK SLA III #7-8 10,4 cm 3,3 cm 147 g 205 yards/20lb./WF8F Green
TFR BVK SLA III+ #9-10 10,9 cm 3,3 cm 176 g 225 yards/20lb/WF10F Green
TFR BVK SLA IV #8-12 12,0 cm 4,0 cm 253 g 275 yards/30lb/WF12F Green

Package includes soft reel case with black cordura coating. Spare spool is also available.


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