TFO BVK Conversion Kit

149,00 EUR
Partpayment from 9 EUR/month.

TFO BVK Conversion Kit includes two new pieces for your BVK Series rod. Conversion Kit fits only with the class #3, 8 feet long rod. Longer model helps you to maintain better line control when czech nymphing and dry fly fishing.

Model Line Length Sections Weight
TF 03 10 0 5 B 3 10' 2 68 g

Conversion Kit's rod has full wells grip and fighting butt. Price doesn't include rod case. Suitable rod case which have enough space for original rod and conversion kit together is TF RCT 8/4.

Note: To use conversion kit, you should have BVK-series 3 class, 8' long rod.

TF 03 10 0 5 B
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