Vac Rac Fishing Rod Racks

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Manufacturer: Vac Rac

Vac Rac Fishing Rod Racks help you to hold your rods during the drive. You don't have to break rods to parts before driving, just attach them on the T-racks. Each model includes two racks: one is meant to put on the car's hood and another one to the top of the car behind the windshield. T-racks have soft paddings to protect rods.

When choosing the right product it's important to select correct base tybe. Vac Racs have two different kind of attachment base types: magnetic and vacuum. Vacuum is suitable for all vehicles. Magnetic is suitable only for vehicles which hood and roof is made of iron based material. When using these products, surfaces (rack's base and car's paint) must be clear of any dirt. It's not recommended to use vacuum model when there's a chance for big temperature changes.

Part of the models are equipped with locking system. With locking feature you are able to remove lever from the rack which is used to take vacuum base out of the car. This increases security.

65 mm Extension Pillar will allow you to mount even larger reels. It also lowers the rod tips making it easier to drive through bushy roads.

Model Locking Attachment base type Attachment bases per rack Max rod amount Suitable vehicle Extra features
Standard Professional No Vacuum 2 8 For all vehicles  
Locking Professional Yes Vacuum 2 8 For all vehicles  
Standard No Vacuum 1 4 For all vehicles  
Locking Yes Vacuum 1 4 For all vehicles  
New Quad No Vacuum 2 4 For all vehicles High model - new pillar bracket. Suitable for big reels.
Combi No Magnetic 1 4 For vehicles with steel hood/roof  

Each package contains 2 racks: one for the hood and one for the roof of the car.


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