RIO Indicator Leader

5,95 EUR
Manufacturer: RIO Products

This is an excellent leader for chironomid fishing or whenever you need the flies to sink fast. 10 ft tapered leaders feature a short orange butt section for attaching an indicator to.

Level tippet does not slow down the sink rate. Heavy butt section makes casting the indicator easy. Ideal for nymphing out of a drift boat or in lakes.

Size Strenght Tip
6X 1,5 kg 0,127 mm
5X 2,3 kg 0,152 mm
4X 2,9 kg 0,178 mm
3X 3,7 kg 0,203 mm
2X 4,5 kg 0,229 mm


5X (0,15 mm)
In stock
4X (0,18 mm)
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3X (0,20 mm)
In stock
2X (0,23 mm)
In stock
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