Daiichi 1650 Heavy Tube Fly & Egg Hook

6,40 EUR
Manufacturer: Daiichi

Daiichi 1650 is designed to use with tube and egg flies. It's strong and sharp hook, which isn't too heavy to be used with smaller flies also. Hook has round bend, straight eye, 2X short shank, 2X heavy wire and bronze finish.

It's also slightly reversed. In addition to traditional tube flies, Daiichi 1650 is also a good choice for hitch flies!

Approximate measurements below:

Hook size Total length Gape width Eye (outer diameter)
#4 18 mm 8 mm 2,5 mm
#6 15 mm 7 mm 2,4 mm
#8 14 mm 6 mm 2,3 mm
#10 12 mm 5 mm 1,9 mm

25 hooks per package.

Hook Size:

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