Okuma Safina Noir

39,00 EUR
Manufacturer: Okuma

Okuma Safina Noir is a spinning reel equipped with front drag. It has elliptical shaped oscillation gears which provide exceptional line lay, improved smoothness and maximum long-life durability. The EOS gears are always engaged and provide a very smooth spool stroke, eliminating the spool from jumping as commonly found on many reels. Safina Noir's ball bearing system allows for instant handle engagement and eliminates all handle back play commonly found in many reels. This is accomplished by using a corrosion- resistant stainless steel roller bearing that engages the reel in one direction for rock-solid hook sets. Great additional feature for those who like jigging.

Safina Noir's features:

  • Aluminum spool
  • Aluminum handle
  • Precision Elliptical Gearing System
  • Machined cut brass pinion gear
  • RESII: Computer balanced rotor system
  • 5 ball bearings for ultimate smoothness
  • Quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Even flow roller

Three different models: SFR-25, SFR-30 and SFR-40. SFR-25 is the smallest reel of this series. It's suitable for light stream fishing and jigging. SFR-30 is a general reel size and it's suitable for most of the fishing styles and lure weights. SFR-40 is designed for pike & salmon fishing and heavier saltwater fishing.

Model Line capacity Bearings Gear ratio
SFR-25 140 m / 0,25 mm 5+1 5.0:1
SFR-30 110 m / 0,30 mm 5+1 5.0:1
SFR-40 300 m / 0,25 mm 5+1 5.0:1


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