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Manufacturer: Patriot

Bombarda rig is an additional weight for casting baits and lightweight lures, such as flies. Efficient method for sea trout fishing. Long rod (8'-10') makes fishing easier.

Bombarda rig is fast to set up:

  • You need about 1-2 meters of leader line, swivel and a rubber pearl.
  • Take the main line from reel through the thin tube. Bulky weight part of the Bombarda should be now pointing to lure and thin tube to a rod.
  • Thread the rubber pearl onto a main line.
  • Attach main line to the swivel.
  • Take about 1-2 meters of leader material and attach it to the other part of the swivel.
  • Knot the fly or other lure to the end of the leader.

1 piece per package.

Sink Rate, Weight:

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