RIO Powerflex Tippet (Guide Spool)

10,00 EUR
Manufacturer: RIO Products

RIO Powerflex Guide Spools have more line than original RIO Powerflex Tippet spools. Spools have 100 or 68,6 meters of line depending on the line's diameter.

A high tenacity copolymer with excellent knot strength, brasion-resistance, stretch and suppleness. Sometimes called double strength nylon. Used for all species, the light gray provides superb camouflage in any sub-aquatic environment. Powerflex has the perfect combination of elongation and tenacity, and we will match it against any competing brand any time.

RIO Powerflex Tippet is packed on handy spools. Spools can be easily attach to each other, which keeps spools in order. Spools has got elastic band so that tippet line won't ravel out. Also the thickness of the tippet is written to the elastic band.

Here are more detailed properties of the tippets.

Size Strength Diameter Spool size
7X 1,1 kg 0,102 mm 100 m
6X 1,5 kg 0,127 mm 100 m
5X 2,3 kg 0,152 mm 100 m
4X 2,9 kg 0,178 mm 100 m
3X 3,7 kg 0,203 mm 100 m
2X 4,5 kg 0,229 mm 100 m
1X 5,9 kg 0,254 mm 68,6 m
0X 6,8 kg 0,279 mm 68,6 m


7X (0,10 mm)
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6X (0,13 mm)
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5X (0,15 mm)
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4X (0,18 mm)
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3X (0,20 mm)
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2X (0,23 mm)
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1X (0,25 mm)
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0X (0,28 mm)
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