Hends 454BL

3,40 EUR
Manufacturer: Hends

Barbless Hends 454BL hook has the same shape as Hends 404BL.  The difference between these hooks is that the 454BL model has approximately 20% stronger wire which makes it more suitable for wet flies. Stronger wire is a vital feature also when you're targeting for big fishes.

The hook has a chemically sharpened bent-in-point and black nickel finish.

Hook size Total length Gape width
#10 15,5 mm 5,9 mm
#12 13,8 mm 5,2 mm
#14 11,9 mm 4,6 mm
#16 10,2 mm 3,7 mm
#18 8,3 mm 3,1 mm

25 hooks per package.

Hook Size:

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