Airflo Delta Spey Long

68,00 EUR
Partpayment from 9 EUR/month.
Manufacturer: Airflo

Designed to handle longer casts with longer strokes, the Delta Spey Long features all the improvements made to the Delta Spey.

Airflo's ‘go to’ line when fishing at long range, eliminating the need to handle long lengths of line between casts - not for those new to Spey casting, but if you can handle a longer head, this line will respond.

Total length and weight of the line:

  • WF7/8: 36,6 meters and 570 grains
  • WF8/9: 36,6 meters
  • WF9/10: 36,6 meters ja 720 grains

All models are floating and the colour of the line is two tone sunrise yellow.

Line Model:

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