Airflo Salmon Polyleader

120,00 SEK
Manufacturer: Airflo

The 10' Salmon and Steelhead Polyleaders offer great turn over for bulky and heavy flies. Available in 7 different sink rates from floating right through to Extra super fast sinking, these 10 foot polyleaders provide complete depth control which is so often essential when fishing for salmon and steelhead.

These 10 ft floating polyleaders are ideal for fishing bombers with the slow and fast sinking polyleaders allowing you to bed your flies down, avoiding drag from a floating line. The extra super fast sinking leader gets the flies as deep as possible.

Maximum tippet strength is about 10,9 kg (24 lb). Ready-made rear loop for fast rigging.

Length, Sink Rate:

10', Floating
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10', Hover
In stock
10', Intermediate
In stock
10', Slow sink
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10', Fast sink
In stock
10', Super fast sink
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10', Extra super fast sink
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