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Templehair is a soft, slightly curly and lively material. It's perfect for tube flies and hair winged salmon flies. Depending on which kind of wing profile is desired, templehair can be tied on the hook from a one or more bunches.

Available in three different lengths:

  • Medium: Hair length is approximately 50 - 70 mm. Suitable for small and medium sized tube flies and traditional hair wing salmon flies. Softest.
  • Large: Hair length is approximately 60 - 80 mm. Suitable for medium and large sized tube flies with long wing.
  • X-Large: Hair length is approximately 80 - 120 mm. Suitable for large tube flies with extra long wing.

Size of the skin is approximately 3 x 4 cm which varies due to hair density.

Large (60-80 mm) (Length)

Green (dark)
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X-Large (80-120 mm) (Length)

Royal Blue
Royal Blue
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