Keeper Outfit

125,00 EUR
Manufacturer: Keeper

Keeper Outfit is a ready-to-go set for those who are about to start fly fishing. The package includes everything you need to begin fly fishing successfully: rod, cordura tube, fly reel, backing, fly line, leader,  fly box with flies and fishing sunglasses. The rod's blank has medium action which makes it easy to use also for beginners.

Keeper is a fly fishing tackle brand created by a Finnish tackle manufacturer Vision Group. Keeper's current range includes all essential fly fishing equipment you need in order to fully enjoy your fly fishing adventures.

  • Built around an easy-casting grey colored medium action fly rods
  • Coming together with a cordura tube
  • Completed with a matching black fly reel, backing, balanced fly line and a leader
  • All reeled and tied in so that you can start fishing right away
  • Includes flies in a complimentary fly box
  • Includes fishing sunglasses
  • Line classes #4-5, #5-6 and #7-8
Line class Length Sections Use
#4 - 5 8' 6" 4 Lightweight dry & wet fly fishing for trout and grayling.
#5 - 6 9' 0" 4 General dry & wet fly fishing for trout and grayling.
#7 - 8 9' 6" 4 Heavy trout fishing with streamer patterns and salmon dry fly fishing.

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