Frog Hair Shooting Line

14,95 EUR

“Molecularly Altered” Frog Hair Shooting Lines offer all of the casting qualities the big water angler desires. Frog Hair’s exclusive process builds in flexibility and virtually eliminates coil memory which produces lines that will shoot farther and handle easier. Frog Hair Shooting Lines have the “slickness” needed to achieve greater distances for that great catch or during casting contests.

Available in 3 sizes that are identified by 3 distinctive colors:

Strength Diameter Color
40 lb 0,48 mm Orange
50 lb 0,56 mm Red
58 lb 0,61 mm Yellow
80 lb 0,69 mm Pink

Spool contains 40 meters of line.


40 lb (18.1 kg)
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50 lb (22,7 kg)
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58 lb (26,3 kg)
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