Pro-Knot Fly Fishing Knot Cards

5,95 EUR

Stashed smartly in your glove box, with a quick peek at these little plastic cards, you are confidently cinching down that prized possession with a series of Bowlines and Trucker's Hitches like a pro! That is the idea behind the knot cards - having them handy when you need them.

Includes six water-proof plastic cards riveted together with a brass grommet in a “fan pack”. 12 best fly fishing knots. Knots include:

  • Improved Clinch Knot
  • Davy Knot
  • Uni Knot
  • KrehLoop Knot
  • Turle Knot
  • Riffle Hitch
  • Surgeon’s Knot
  • Double Uni Knot
  • Nail Knot
  • Surgeon’s End Loop
  • Albright Special
  • Perfection Loop

Size: 8,9 x 5,7 x 0,3 cm

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