TFO Atoll Large Arbor Reel

From 368,00 EUR
Partpayment from 21 EUR/month.

Precision machined from Cold- forged 6061-T6 billet aluminum and hard anodized to a clear satin finish, Atoll reels are as tough as they are handsome. The revolutionary and unique “hubless” design of the Atoll moves the stacked delrin/stainless steel drag system away from the center mass of the reel. What does this all mean? More efficient stopping power and greater heat dissipation, as the drag contact area is spread out over a larger surface area.

The Atoll is available in four sizes, ATL I (7-8 weight), ATL II (9-10 weight), ATL III (11-12 weight) and ATL IV (13-14 weight). All models feature easy left-hand/right-hand conversion:

Model Class Diameter Width Weight Line capacity
TFR ATL I #7-8 9,9 cm 3,3 cm 215 g 229 m/20lb/WF8F
TFR ATL II #9-10 10,8 cm 3,3 cm 224 g 183 m/30lb/WF10F
TFR ATL III #11-12 11,4 cm 3,3 cm 244 g 229 m/30lb/WF12F
TFR ATL IV #13-14 12,1 cm 3,8 cm 259 g 274 m/30lb/WF12F

Reel bag included.

Spare spool also available.


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