Airflo Super Dri CAST Line (Canadian Atlantic Salmon Taper)

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Manufacturer: Airflo

The Airflo Super-DRI C.A.S.T line (Canadian Atlantic Salmon Taper) is designed to be the ultimate all-around tool for targeting Atlantic Salmon with a single hand rod. The line loads 9 and 10 foot rods easily, and the precise front taper can deliver a fly into the wind but is not too aggressive to disturb low clear water late in the season. The C.A.S.T is also an excellent choice for anglers chugging skaters or swinging muddlers and traditional patterns for summer-run steelhead & trout.

  • Floating
  • Suitable for 9 - 10' long single hand rods
  • Good choice when fishing small and medium sized salmon rivers with single hand rod
  • Ready-made loops
Line Length Head Tip Front Taper Belly Rear Taper Running Line Head wt
WF7F 95ft 52 1 8 25 18 43 310gr
WF8F 95ft 52 1 8 25 18 43 360gr
WF9F 95ft 52 1 8 25 18 43 400gr

Line Model:

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