TFO Sea Run Spinning Rods

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Anglers that chase anadromous fish need a tool for the demanding environments and species that they pursue. Based off TFO's wildly successful STS and STC series of rods, the new Sea Run rods feature a similar action but vastly improved components.  Designed with input from the most accomplished anglers from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast, this family of rods is designed to handle any challenge. Perfect for boat and beach fishing sea run brown trouts.

These rods are so sensitive that Gary Loomis likes to say, "You feel it when the fish looks at the bait!"


  • Spinning rod
  • Suitable for fishing seatrout, salmon and steelhead
  • Suitable for both boat and beach fishing
  • Burl cork
  • Unique non-glare chestnut blank
  • SiC guides
  • Matching wraps
  • Works with braided lines
  • Rod sock included
Model Length Lure weight Power Action Weight Sections
TFG SRS 864-2 8'6" 11 - 21 g Medium Medium 193 g 2
TFG SRS 865-2 8'6" 11 - 28 g Medium-heavy Medium 198 g 2
TFG SRS 904-2 9' 11 - 21 g Medium Medium 210 g 2
TFG SRS 905-2 9' 11 - 28 g Medium-heavy Medium 215 g 2
TFG SRS 962-2 9'6" 2 - 11 g Light Medium 221 g 2
TFG SRS 904-2
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