Daiwa Tatula Casting Rods

159,00 EUR
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Manufacturer: Daiwa

Cutting-edge design, state of the art materials and pimped out with Daiwa’s latest technology the Tatula series concept is ultimate casting performance versus ultimate value, the ideal rod for the best baitcaster reels available.

The heart of any rod is its blank, for the Tatula a new blank was designed, featuring Daiwa’s highest quality carbon, SVF, the most sensitive carbon ever manufactured. SVF or Super Volume Fibre is one of Daiwa’s proudest achievements in carbon fibre design. SVF combines incredibly dense packed fibres, precision unidirectional fibre with virtually zero resin, the end result is a blank that is hyper sensitive, delivering incredible connectivity between angler and fish, and does so with feather light precision.

For Tatula SVF just isn’t enough for ultimate performance. Two of Daiwa’s premier blank technologies, X45 and Bias Wrap Construction, work seamlessly together to improve rod performance, and eliminate blank twist and distortion to increase rod strength, function, and sensitivity. By eliminating twist and preventing the blank from losing its round form, X45 and Bias Wrap Construction allows a lighter a small diameter blank to be made, and lighter more dynamic rod to be created.

By combing all Daiwa's technologies the design outcome is a blank with minimal thickness, heightened sensitivity, lightness, and unsurpassed power and strength.

Sensitivity need to transverse into the reel and for this Tatula utilizes Daiwa’s ergonomically designed, sensitive and immovable, skeleton reel seat. Light, refined and ultimately comfortable, the ultra sensitive, low profile reel seat keeps the reel close to the blank not only for comfort and less bulk but is designed to transmit the slightest vibration from the blank into your hand.

For superb casting performance, Tatula features the world leader in guides – Fuji, the range features ultra-light Fuji Alconite guides that are highly sensitive, ultra strong and designed to maximise rod performance and sensitivity.

Tatula incorporates the latest, cutting edge rod technology to take full advantage of the advanced performance standards set by Tatula reels.


  • SVF  carbon blanks
  • X45
  • Fuji’s Alconite guides
  • DAIWA skeleton reel seats
  • Custom alloy componentry
  • Ultra tuff EVA grips


  • TAT6102MB-AS, tip action and exremely light. Excellent for jigging perch and other species.
  • TAT712MHB-AS, stiff enough for jigging pikeperch (zander), but still extremely light and sensitive.
Model Length Weight Casting weight Sections
TAT6102MB-AS 6’10” / 208 cm 113 g 3 - 28 g 2
TAT712MHB-AS 7’1” / 216 cm 121 g 7 - 28 g 2


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