Patriot XII Braid

29,90 EUR Incl. 24% VAT
Manufacturer: Patriot

Patriot XII is a twelve braid line for spinning reels and baitcasting reels. Thanks to 12 braid structure, this line have incredible diameter to strength ratio. Slick and anti-abrasion coating makes casting distances easy. Thinner models are perfect for jigging and seatrout fishing, heaviest thickness is suitable for casting large pike lures.

  • 12 braid
  • Soft and smooth
  • Great tensile strength and knot strength
  • Nano coating
  • Anti-abrasion coating
  • Tangle free, slick, yet rigid enough
  • Color fl. green, holds color
Thickness Strength Spool size
0,12 mm 8,3 kg 115 m
0,15 mm 9,57 kg 115 m
0,21 mm 13,3 kg 115 m
0,25 mm 18,89 kg 115 m
0,35 mm 29,11 kg 115 m


0,12 mm
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0,15 mm
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0,21 mm
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0,25 mm
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0,35 mm
In stock
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