Ahrex PR351 - Light Predator, Barbless

7,90 EUR
Manufacturer: Ahrex

Ahrex PR351 - Light Predator has the same design as PR350 but barbless. More and more people are practicing Catch and Release – Ahrex wants to support that with a barbless hook in their Predator hook series.

A straight eye streamer hook. Light wire and a large hook gape. Designed for light flies. Deer hair lovers will find this hook very attractive. Super sharp point – no barb. Most classic predator patterns will look beautiful on this hook.

  • Suitable for pike fishing
  • Black Nickel Finish
  • Available in size 2/0, 4/0 & 6/0
  • Chemically sharpened
  • Barbless
  • 8 hooks per package
Hook size Total length Gape width
#2/0 47 mm 18 mm
#4/0 56 mm 22 mm
#6/0 62 mm 25 mm

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