Keeper Trout Set

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Manufacturer: Keeper

Keeper Trout set is developed especially for trout fishing. It is a ready-to-go set including four piece 9' #5 fly rod, aluminium large arbour fly reel with disc brake, easy casting floating fly line and tapered monofilament leader. All pre-spooled and packed into a protective Cordura tube with reel pouch. The package (fish art by Sakke Yrjölä) is designed for wall display.

  • Rod length: 9' (270 cm)
  • Line class: #5
  • Rod pieces: 4
  • Aluminium large arbour fly reel with disc brake
  • Floating fly line
  • Tapered monofilament leader
  • Protective cordura tube with reel pouch

One of the most common and most severe pitfalls in fly fishing is the proper balancing of the fly fishing set. Casting with a poorly balanced set is not an easy task for anybody and the problems in casting can sometimes make the novice to give up the new hobby before he/she even started it properly. Add the need to learn to tie proper knots for the backing, the fly line and the leader and you'll start to see, why the beginning of our beloved hobby is so often considered to be rather demanding. In order to make things easier, we have introduced ready-made outfits, where easy-casting rods are combined with matching fly lines reeled on a decent fly reel. Usually, these outfits are rigged ready (backing, fly line and leader are in place along with proper knots joining these components) and all you have to do, is to tie a fly at the end of the leader and you are good to go. Packed in a durable Cordura tube with a reel pouch, the sets are easy to transport and can take a pretty hard beating. They are really providing a very good value for money.

KC4905 - #5, 9'
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