Fly Tying Kit Salmon (Eumer)

68,95 EUR Incl. 24% VAT
Manufacturer: Eumer

Eumer Fly Tying Kit Salmon includes all the materials you need for tying tear drop tube fly, tube fly tied on plastic tube, Nutria salmon fly tied on double hook and Olli's Shrimp tube fly.

The kit includes:

  • Double salmon hook, gold, size #6, 5 pieces
  • Double tube fly hook, size #6, 5 pieces
  • Eumer tube fly needle, size xs-s
  • Plastic tube, 1 meter, small, bright
  • Plastic tube assortment, large
  • Eumer Micro shrimp fly tube (brass), 3 x 17 mm
  • Tear drop tube, brass, 4 x 15 mm
  • Brass conehead for s-tubes, medium, gold
  • Brass conehead for xs-tubes, small, black
  • Fox tail piece 3XL, black
  • Fox tail piece 2XL, orange (hot)
  • Fox tail piece 2XL, green
  • Nutria, salmon pink
  • Nutria, black
  • Indian cock saddle, black
  • Indian cock saddle, orange
  • Jungle cock substitute
  • Seal fur, black
  • Flashabou, orange
  • Spectra Dubbing, peacock brown
  • Uni French Oval body wire, medium, silver
  • Uni Floss neon, chinese red
  • Uni 6/0 tying thread, 200 yards, black
  • Super glue with brush
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