Fly Tying Kit Pike (Eumer)

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Manufacturer: Eumer

Eumer Fly Tying Kit Pike includes all the materials you need for tying hook and tube pike flies. Easy way to start tying pike flies.

The kit includes following materials:

  • Pike fly hook size #4/0, 10 pieces
  • Hard tubefly tube 1 meter, X-Large, Bright
  • Tubefly hook + wire, 2 pieces
  • Tubefly tying needle, for M-XL tubes
  • Uni 3/0 Tying thread 100 yards, White
  • Large flashabou, black
  • Large flashabou, silver
  • Large flashabou, pearl/orange
  • Large holographic flashabou, gold
  • Flashabou, black
  • Holographic flashabou, gold
  • Holographic flashabou, silver
  • Bucktail assortment
  • Raccoon zonker, green
  • Raccoon zonker, pink
  • 3D epoxy eyes 12 mm, holo. red
  • 3D Epoxy eyes 12 mm, holo. silver
  • Epoxy glue 5 min
  • Super glue (with brush)
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