Daiwa Tournament AGS Seatrout & Salmon (4-pieces)

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Manufacturer: Daiwa

Daiwa Tournament AGS Seatrout & Salmon - The combination of SVF and X45 has allowed to create amazing, multi section blank performance across a variety of actions. In addition the application of AGS carbon guides gives the rods a level of feel and responsiveness that has to be felt to be believed. All rods are 4 piece models and they will fit travelling bag easier than regular 2 piece rods and it makes travelling with airplane or car much more convenient. Good choice for travelling fisherman who wants to use high quality rods.

The Sea Trout models are spinning rods and available from 7’ to 11’ and feature the much preferred ‘Regular’ through action. TNAGS804LRS-AS is the best choice for standard and lighter weight lures. TNAGS904MLRS-AS is the choice when you need to use heavier lures and want to have enough power to make really long casts in heavy wind.

The longer Salmon range offer spinning and bait editions, right up to a 13’ model for up to 120g lures.


  • SVF Carbon
  • X45 Carbon
  • V-Joint
  • Micro Pitch finish
  • AGS Carbon Guide System
  • Daiwa Unique Reel seat
  • Cork fore and rear grips
  • EVA Butt grip

Tournament AGS Seatrout

Model Length Weight Casting Weight Pieces Use
TNAGS704ULRS-AS 7' 135g 2-10g 4 Spinning
TNAGS804LRS-AS 8' 160g 3-15g 4 Spinning
TNAGS904LRS-AS 9' 152g 5-25g 4 Spinning
TNAGS904MLRS-AS 9' 185g 7-28g 4 Spinning
TNAGS904MRS-AS 9' 190g 10-40g 4 Spinning
TNAGS1004LRS-AS 10' 164g 5-25g 4 Spinning
TNAGS1004MRS-AS 10' 210g 8-32g 4 Spinning
TNAGS1104MHRS-AS 11' 240g 15-50g 4 Spinning

Tournament AGS Salmon

Model Length Weight Casting Weight Pieces Use
TNAGS1104MB-AS 11' 220g 15-50g 4 Casting
TNAGS1204MHS-AS 12' 235g 25-70g 4 Spinning
TNAGS1204MHB-AS 12' 245g 25-70g 4 Casting


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