Vekkuli 170

27,50 EUR
Manufacturer: JKing Fishing

JKing's Vekkuli lures are perfect for casting and they are completely handmade in Finland. They are originally designed for sea trout fishing in Baltic Sea, but can be also used for other predator fish species. All Vekkuli models have durable stainless steel body with added light mass to create low density & sinking rate, strong split rings, hiqh quality treble hooks and strong finish. Hand painted body gives unique look for every piece.

Vekkuli is a lure which is designed to be reeled in with mixed speed. It is easy to imitate escaping baitfish with fast reeling and long stops to make picky fish strike.

Vekkuli 170 is a long casting lure that imitates sand eel and other sea trout's baitfishes. It is suitable for both boat & beach fishing and works well for sea trout throughout Baltic Sea. 170 mm model is a perfect choice when targeting the biggest sea trouts. Works in cold & warm water and can be reeled in with high or slow speed to cover both shallow and deeper areas. Floatant material is used in the body to create slow sinking rate.

  • Length 170 mm
  • Maximum width 13 mm
  • Weight approx. 30 grams
  • High quality treble hook
  • Strong double split rings
  • Durable body and finish
  • The best lure choice for fishing in Gotland, Ã–land and Denmark

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