Gulff Pro Series UV Light

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Manufacturer: GULFF

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Gulff 365 UV flashlights are quality products designed by fly fishing experts to use in fly tying. The light range of Gulff UV flashlights is designed for work at close distances, and it has a high-resolution arc when the flashlight is 1-5 cm from the fly. Gulff is the market’s only fly fishing company that manufactures very powerful 365nm UV flashlights intended for UV resin and with a special fly tying structure. Gulff UV Ligth is designed specifically for Gulff UV-glues, but will also cure for example Loon UV-glues.

Why choose a UV flashlight with a 365nm wavelength specifically?

A 365nm wavelength UV flashlight is, in most cases, the best option, optimally suited for UV resin curing. The 395-405nm UV LED lights that are now commonly used do not provide as much light in the wavelengths that best activate the resin. The Gulff 365nm wavelength LED produces a spectrum of light that best matches the absorption spectrum of the photoinitiator that is in most UV-curable resins.

The Gulff flashlight’s UV light appears whiter than the light of 395nm lights. This is because the human eye cannot discern UV light when the wavelength is clearly below 400nm. In this case, the light only becomes visible when it strikes a surface that reflects UV light. Experts do not recommend using inexpensive lights with uncertain wattage for resin curing. Their wattages and advertised wavelengths can vary considerably. Note that, for example, the advertised wattage in inexpensive versions is often only the maximum possible wattage. There are a number of things that affect the ability to reach this maximum, from the LED to the structure of the flashlight (or other light source) used. Gulff does not accept complaints related to resin curing unless the light that was used for curing was of the appropriate type. 

Using the flashlight

The resin is cured by bringing a UV flashlight to a distance of 1-2 cm from the resin surface, evenly directing the light towards each side of this surface. With a high- wattage flashlight, colourless Gulff UV resins will cure in a matter of seconds. After curing, allow the surface of the resin to cool for about 5 seconds, without touching it. If the resin surface has been cured properly, it will be either shiny or matte, depending on the choice of resin, but it will always be free of stickiness. However, if the surface of the resin remains sticky, ensure that you are using a flashlight or other light intended for resin curing, that there is sufficient power in the light’s batteries, and that it was at a distance of about 1 cm from the resin. Note that very thin resin surfaces cure less effectively on a dark-coloured background. Also, remember to change/charge the batteries of your light as needed: even a small decrease in battery power will reduce the effectiveness of curing. 

1 year quarantee for flashlight

Package includes the UV flashlight, USB charger and 18650 rechargeable battery. Attention! Avoid looking towards UV light.

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