Scierra Big Fly

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Manufacturer: Scierra

Scierra Big Fly - we are all intrigued by the fantasy creatures lurking in the Nordic woods, living in deep caves inside the steep mountains. These ugly, foul smelling giants with hostile demeanors and critical aversions to direct sun-light, have transferred some of their mystic strengths and supernatural presence to a fantastic new rod series, destined to fight the fish equivalents of trolls, carrying really BIG FLIES through the air to serve them to different kinds of toothy predators just waiting for a new kill. Modern fly-fishing with ultra-big flies has really exploded and Scierra would like to take part in this evolution. This Big Fly adventure is not only about pike and zander. Here are a few other alternatives: Big and modern streamers for big browns, poppers and mouse imitations for rainbows and browns, big streamers for steelhead, night fishing with poppers and big streamers for coastal sea trout, big streamers and poppers for perch and bass. These rods are firm, but still deep- and smooth-actioned, so that the entire rod can contribute to both casting the big flies and fighting the ugly bastards. The colors of these Big Fly Trolls are red on red: The colors of heartfelt devotion and pure blooded desire. Watch out, predators; we’ll come for you.

  • Medium fast actions, short stroke lengths
  • Built on 30T Japanese carbon material
  • Compressed cork handles for high durability
  • ALPS quality reel seats
  • Pacific Bay lightweight stripping and snake guides
  • All components are saltwater resistant
  • Supplied in cloth bag and quality cordura tube with shoulder strap
  • All models are 4 piece rods
Model Length Line # Weight Recommended line weight Transport length
54125 9' #8 144 g 17 - 19 g 73 cm
54126 9' #9 140 g 19 - 21 g 73 cm
54962 9' #10 155 g 21 - 23 g 73 cm


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