Hends 124BL

3,50 EUR
Manufacturer: Hends

Hends 124BL Jig - Big Game is barbless jig hook with bend. Thicker wire makes it perfect for fishing strong and big fish. Clever design makes it ideal for fishing near the bottom, because hook makes the fly swim upside down and it doesn't stick to the bottom so easily. Perfect for tying nymphs, mini leeches and many other wet flies. Use with slotted bead head.

The hook has 2X strong wire, chemically sharpened barbless point and black nickel finish. 25 hooks per package.

Hook size Total length Gape width
#8 18 mm 7,3 mm
#10 16 mm 6,9 mm
#12 14 mm 6,1 mm
#14 12 mm 4,7 mm
#16 11 mm 4,4 mm

Hook Size:

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