Vision Fisu Set

179,00 EUR
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Manufacturer: Vision

Vision Fisu (nickname for a fish in Finnish) kits have medium fast 4 piece rods with dark green blanks and yellow/green markings, all new elegant aluminium reels with adjustable, smooth disc brakes and easy casting floating fly lines. Aimed at beginners but with such performance that they are an easy choice for even pro guys who want an easy option. There is a full range of sets for small creek fanatics, all the way to large reservoir anglers.

  • Medium fast action four piece Fisu rod
  • Modern aluminium large arbour reel with disc brake
  • Easy casting floating fly line
  • Includes also backing and a leader 
  • Everything pre-spooled and ready for action
  • Packed in Cordura tube with a reel pouch
Line class Length Sections Handle
#3/4 8' 4 Half wells
#5/6 9' 4 Half wells
#6/7 9' 4 Half wells
#7/8 9' 4 Full wells + fighting butt
#7/8 9'6" 4 Full wells + fighting butt


#3/4, 8'
In stock
#5/6, 9'
Ships in 5-10 days
#6/7, 9'
In stock
#7/8, 9'
Ships in 5-10 days
#7/8, 9'6"
Ships in 5-10 days
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