UNI Glo Yarn

2,40 EUR
Manufacturer: UNI Products
UNI Product's Glo Yarn will glow in the dark. Glo Yarn feature brighter and longer-lasting phosphorescence. Advanced injection technology enabled the production of fine filaments with phosphorescent pigments in the core surrounded by the polyester/nylon coating. As is the case for GloYarn, the phosphorescence cannot be worn, washed or even bleached out of the fibers.

Phosphorescence and fluorescence are often confused. Phosphorescent materials emit light in total darkness, often for a considerable length of time. Fluorescent materials emit light (in addition to reflecting light like ordinary materials) only in the presence of light. The phosphorescent pigment in UNI Glo products absorbs light from any light source available (a camera flash is a favored source) and releases light or glows in darkness or very low light levels. The glow will last in excess of three hours in total darkness.

Spool contains about 6,5 metres.

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