Pro Junglecock Gen3

9,90 EUR
Manufacturer: Pro Tubefly Systems

Pro Junglecock Gen3 - Imitation Jungle Cock feathers are cheap way to tie flies. Imitation feathers have always good quality.

Through advanced printing and cutting technology Pro Sportfisher has created a photorealistic jungle cock substitute that is far stronger than the original, and have some features like being able to bend and shape it to the desired profile by pulling the imitation feather between your thumbs. Add to this the precise cut and you have a product that is not only environmental sustainable but perfect every time. A layer of UV Varnish completes the 3D effect and even hard core old school flytyers have a hard time telling the difference between the real thing and the Pro Junglecock Gen3.

The new Pro Junglecock Gen3 has some updated features: The colored part of the nail now have more UV resin for a hyper realistic 3D appearance, and the backside is colored in dark grey, just as the real feather, increasing the strength from strong to ultra strong.

Size Length Width Package size
XX-Small 14 mm 2,5 mm 48 pcs
X-Small 17 mm 3,0 mm 40 pcs
Small 20 mm 3,5 mm 36 pcs
Medium 23 mm 4,0 mm 32 pcs
Large 28 mm 4,5 mm 24 pcs
X-Large 34 mm 5,5 mm 24 pcs

Color, Size:

Natural, XX-Small
In stock
Natural, X-Small
In stock
Natural, Small
In stock
Natural, Medium
In stock
Natural, Large
In stock
Natural, X-Large
In stock
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