Echo Full Spey

599,00 EUR
Partpayment from 35 EUR/month.
Manufacturer: ECHO

Echo Full Spey is part of the most advanced lineup of Spey rods Echo have ever produced. To allow someone to fish all day in all conditions requires rods that are light in the hand and well balanced. The new Echo Full Spey rods are designed to allow a person to flick a Scandi cast off the rod tip and still crank out long casts with a Skagit Head. As it turns out, 13'0" matches today’s modern lines and is the most versatile length for those that want to fish larger rivers where covering water is the key to success.

  • Four piece travel design
  • Blank: Lightweight high-modulus
  • Action: Med Fast
  • Tube: Fabric-covered rod case & sock
  • Guides: SIC stripping guides and hard chrome snake guides
  • Reel Seat: Anodized aluminum
Line Length Grain Window Rod Weight Action Pieces
#6 13'0" 420-450 gr 193 g (6.8oz) Med Fast 4
#7 13'0" 480-510 gr 198 g (7.0oz) Med Fast 4
#8 13'0" 540-570 gr 204 g (7.2oz) Med Fast 4

Echo fly rods have legal guarantee. Echo provides chargeable services as well: during the first 24 months, broken tip or rod part is replaced free of charge, only postage/handling fee needs to be paid. After the first 24 months, new tip costs 15 euros and other parts 30 euros. If rod is older model and parts are not available anymore, similar replacement model is offered with 30 euro cost. Also postage/handling costs are added to all prices. If you have problems with the rod, please contact us.


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