Kona Big Popper Hook (BPH)

9,50 EUR

Kona Big Popper Hook BPH is made for tying big foam flies for freshwater and saltwater, as well as large streamers and deer hair flies. The kink shank reduces twisting inside the fly body and the wide hook gap optimizes hook-up rates by creating separation from the fly body.

  • Use for poppers, foam flies, streamers & deer hair flies
  • Black-nickel finish
  • Barbed
  • Straight eye
  • Wide gap
  • Kink shank
  • Ultra sharp
  • High-carbon steel, forged
Hook size Total length Gape width Quantity
#4/0 48 mm 16 mm 15 hooks
#2/0 41 mm 12 mm 15 hooks

Hook Size:

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In stock
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