Scierra Brook II - Short Belly

45,00 EUR 27,00 EUR
Manufacturer: Scierra

Scierra Brook II is a series of five short-headed floating WF-lines (#2-6) that are designed to fish smaller rivers (or brooks) and other kinds of cramped fishing conditions. The heads are short, but incredibly well balanced, to ensure slow turnover capabilities and feather light presentations. Nevertheless; if you need that extra meter or two, the Brook II will provide. No Loops. Laser printed indication. Colour grey / white.

Line Head weight Head length Total length
WF-2-F 6 g 8,2 m 25 m
WF-3-F 7 g 8,2 m 25 m
WF-4-F 8,5 g 8,2 m 25 m
WF-5-F 10 g 8,2 m 25 m
WF-6-F 11,5 g 8,2 m 25 m

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