Echo EPR

499,00 EUR
Partpayment from 29 EUR/month.
Manufacturer: ECHO

Echo EPR - Big game fisheries require a rod that can handle the big stuff.  Whether it’s casting chicken-sized pike flies, fighting heavy winds, or dealing with the fury of a GT, the EPR has delivered. Working with bass and muskie guru Pat Ehlers, Echo produced their fastest, most powerful rod Echo have ever produced.

With its super-fast tip, it will load for short distance shots.  When it’s distance or heavy lifting you need to do, its powerful bottom section will more than deliver the goods.

  • Four piece travel design
  • Graphite:  Lightweight, high-modulus
  • Action:  Super fast, super powerful
  • Tube:  Fabric-covered rod case & sock
  • Guides: Stainless w/ SIC stripper
  • Grips:  Features two grip styles
  • Reel Seat: Maintenance-free aluminum
Length Line Pieces Grip Weight Action
9'0" #6 4 A 113 g (4.0oz) Extra Fast
9'0" #7 4 A 119 g (4.2oz) Extra Fast
9'0" #8 4 A 125 g (4.4oz) Extra Fast
9'0" #9 4 A 128 g (4.5oz) Extra Fast
9'0" #10 4 B 136 g (4.8oz) Extra Fast
9'0" #11 4 B 139 g (4.9oz) Extra Fast
9'0" #12 4 B 145 g (5.1oz) Extra Fast

Echo fly rods have legal guarantee. Echo provides chargeable services as well: during the first 24 months, broken tip or rod part is replaced free of charge, only postage/handling fee needs to be paid. After the first 24 months, new tip costs 15 euros and other parts 30 euros. If rod is older model and parts are not available anymore, similar replacement model is offered with 30 euro cost. Also postage/handling costs are added to all prices. If you have problems with the rod, please contact us.

Length, Line Model:

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