Eumer Spintube Super Natural

5,50 EUR
Manufacturer: Eumer

Eumer Spintube Natural is a tube fly for spinning and casting gear. Use for trouts, perch and zander (pike-perch) fishing. Eumer Spintube Super Natural have aggressive colours which work for active fish. Spintube Super Natural is particularly suitable for still water and river fishing. In current you can fish it near the bottom by swinging it across the river. In still waters, it can be fished with jig fishing techniques. When using Spintube Super Natural, the hook is turned pointing upwards and thus snagging the bottom can be avoided. Super Natural is sinking with lead free design, the weight is achieved by using a brass body. The handmade Spintube Super Natural is finished with 3D eyes giving the product even better look.

Weight 10 grams. Length approximately 7-9 cm. Check out similar product Eumer Spintube Natural as well which have more natural colours.

Color, Weight:

Blue / White, 10 g
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Chartreuse / Yellow, 10 g
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Orange / Yellow, 10 g
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Pink / White, 10 g
Pink / White, 10 g
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