RIO Spey Versileader 12 ft

13,00 EUR
Manufacturer: RIO Products

RIO Spey Versileaders are 12 feet long quality polyleaders designed especially for two handed fishing but try also in switch rods. The floating Spey VersiLeader is perfect for forming the anchor when spey casting Scandinavian style.

These leaders are ideal additions to all spey lines. VersiLeaders feature an ultra smooth welded loop in the butt end making it easy to connect to the fly line.

Sinking rate Strength Color
Floating 25 lb (11,3 kg) White
1.5 ips (3,8 cm/s) 25 lb (11,3 kg) Clear (transparent)
3 ips (7,6 cm/s) 25 lb (11,3 kg) Dark olive
4 ips (10,2 cm/s) 25 lb (11,3 kg) Grey (dark)
6 ips (15,2 cm/s) 25 lb (11,3 kg) Grey (dark)
7 ips (17,8 cm/s) 25 lb (11,3 kg) Black

Length, Sink Rate:

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