Spare Jaws for Peak Rotary Vise

55,00 EUR
Partpayment from 9 EUR/month.
Manufacturer: PEAK Fishing

Spare Jaws for Peak Rotary Vise. These jaws undergo the same hardening and tempering process as Peak's highly acclaimed standard jaws. Black oxide finish looks clean and reduces glare in the immediate area of your fly.

Two models available:

  • Midge: Specifically profiled to allow more access to tie on smaller hooks. Not recommended for extended use with hook wires larger than a #16 dry fly hook.
  • Saltwater: For the largest saltwater and pike flies. Accepts hook wire diameters from approximately 1,0 - 1,9 mm (.040" to .075").


Ships in 1-2 months
Ships in 1-2 months
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