Griffin Bobbin

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Manufacturer: Griffin

Griffin bobbins are very popular and cover most of your fly tying needs. Griffin Bobbins are made of high quality stainless steel tubes and limbs. Each bobbin is highly polished to remove all burrs or rough edges. The beads are made of nylon. On all Griffin bobbins, nylon insures the smoothest gliding spools possible.

Now available in three different models: Standard, Supreme Ceramic and Peewee Ceramic. Standard is the most popular Griffins bobbin. The flared infeed end means easier threading, while its size is perfect for all around tying.

Supreme Ceramic bobbin combines the durability of stainless steel tube with the ceramic insert and nylon beads, this is the workhorse of the tying industry. If you limit yourself to one bobbin, this is the one.

Peewee Ceramic is only 7 cm long. It will hold a standard spool of thread while it fits perfectly in your palm. Flared on the infeed end it also carries the ceramic insert.

Saltwater Ceramic is the biggest model of all Griffin's bobbins. Reliable tool for tying streamers, saltwater and other big fly patterns. Ceramic insert prevents tying thread from braking.

Model Overall length Tube's length
Standard 95 mm 35 mm
Supreme Ceramic 95 mm 35 mm
Peewee Ceramic 70 mm 35 mm
Saltwater Ceramic 112 mm 56 mm


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Peewee Ceramic
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Saltwater Ceramic
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