RIO InTouch 3D MOW Tips

33,90 EUR
Manufacturer: RIO Products

RIO InTouch 3D MOW Tips are powerful, multi-density tips designed to cast large flies. Each tip is built with a seamless blend of different densities that ensures the smoothest transition of energy when casting, and the very best depth control when fishing. These tips are ideal additions to any Skagit style line or head, and particularly excel on multi-density Skagit lines like RIO's Skagit Max GameChanger. All 3D MOW tips are built on RIO’s ConnectCore for ultra-low stretch performance.

Each 3D MOW tip is 10ft long, with 3ft of the first and second sinking sections, and 4 feet of the fastest sinking section. A color coded sleeve is welded on to the rear end of the tip to identify the weight, and printed with all the relevant info. The colors are as follows: Light 3D MOW - White Sleeve, Medium 3D MOW - Green Sleeve, Heavy 3D MOW - Blue Sleeve.


  • 3D MOW tips are built of three different densities - tip always sinks faster than the rear end
  • Tips are available in three different weights: Light Tip (80 grains), Medium Tip (110 grains) and Heavy Tip (140 grains)
  • For example: If you are using 500 grains skagit head, choose Medium Tip
  • The three densities available are I/S3/S4, S3/S4/S5 and S5/S6/S7

Check out the RIO InTouch 3D MOW Tips Kit as well which includes all the three tips of Light, Medium or Heavy models.

Model Recommended skagit line weight I/S3/S4 tip weight S3/S4/S5 tip weight S5/S6/S7 tip weight
Light Tip < 475 grains 80 grains 80 grains 80 grains
Medium Tip 475 - 575 grains 110 grains 110 grains 110 grains
Heavy Tip > 575 grains 140 grains 140 grains 140 grains

Model, Sink Rate:

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