Loop SDS Running Line

49,00 EUR
Manufacturer: Loop

Loop SDS Running Line - The new SDS running lines are designed to offer both superior line shooting performance and unparalleled longevity of use. Built on ultra low stretch central core, the SDS running lines offer outstanding slickness and minimal contact friction with the rod on each outbound cast. With excellent shooting properties as standard, the ultra low stretch characteristics of SDS running lines also ensure rapid and positive detection of even the slightest of “takes”.

  • Floating
  • Large connection loops
  • Ultra low stretch
Strength Diameter Length Colour
30 lb (13,6 kg) 0,89 mm (0.035”) 30 m / 100 ft Orange
42 lb (19,1 kg) 1,04 mm (0.041”) 30 m / 100 ft Lt. Blue

Sink Rate, Strength:

Floating, 30 lb
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Floating, 42 lb
In stock
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