Loop Synchro Monofilament Tippet

5,50 EUR
Manufacturer: Loop

Loop Synchro Monofilament Tippet - Made from premium grade material, Loop Synchro Dynamic System (SDS) copolymer tippet has excellent strength to diameter ratio and is highly resistant to abrasive contact. With the supple characteristics of Loop's copolymer, this tippet material is ideal for both natural drifts with effective fly presentation and also for shock absorption from powerful fighting fish.

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Increased knot strength
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Effective natural presentation
Strength Diameter
7X 0,104 mm
6,5X 0,117 mm
6X 0,128 mm
5,5X 0,138 mm
5X 0,148 mm
4,5X 0,165 mm
4X 0,185 mm
3X 0,205 mm
2,5X 0,219 mm
2X 0,235 mm
1X 0,260 mm
0X 0,285 mm
0,33 mm 0,33 mm
0,37 mm 0,37 mm
0,405 mm 0,405 mm
0,47 mm 0,47 mm
0,52 mm 0,52 mm


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