Pattegris Spey Tube

5,80 EUR
Manufacturer: Unique Flies

Pattegris Spey Tube is a nice shrimpy looking fly for river fishing salmon and seatrout. It has the same look as the legendary Pattegrisen seatrout fly, but the design is adjusted for tube fly and river fishing. Shrimpy look works great for fresh run salmon and seatrout, usually near the river delta. Conehead at the front of the fly gives a little extra weight and soft materials have natural action even in slower current.

Length is tube's length.

Color, Length:

Black / Gold, 1" (2,5 cm)
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Black / Orange, 1" (2,5 cm)
In stock
Green / Grey, 1" (2,5 cm)
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Orange, 1" (2,5 cm)
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Pink, 1" (2,5 cm)
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