Vision Nymphmaniac Two Tone Tippet

14,90 EUR
Manufacturer: Vision

Vision Nymphmaniac Two Tone Tippet is made of monofilament. High-Viz two tone colors help you to see subtle takes. Use this material to create indicator section for your nymph leader. Place about 20-50 cm piece of Vision Nymphmaniac Two Tone Tippet in the base or middle of your nymph leader. You can use Vision Tippet Rings for easy attachment.

  • Use for creating your own indicator for nymph leader
  • Made of monofilament, gives little extra stretch when you fish with thin line
  • Made in Japan
  • Color: High-Viz Fl. Yellow & Fl. Orange
  • 30 m spool
Strength Diameter Breaking strength
6X 0,13 mm 1,2 kg / 2,6 lb
5X 0,15 mm 1,7 kg / 3,7 lb
4X 0,17 mm 2,5 kg / 5,5 lb
3X 0,20 mm 3,1 kg / 6,8 lb
2X 0,23 mm 4,2 kg / 9,2 lb


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