Daiwa BaitJunkie 2.5 Grub

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Manufacturer: Daiwa

Daiwa BaitJunkie 2.5 Grub - The first thing you’ll notice on the BaitJunkie 2.5” Grub is the orientation of the tail. By positioning the tip of the tail parallel with the body of the grub, there is no opposing forces from the water acting on the tail. The result is all of the water pressure hits the inside curl of the tail, forcing it to open up and produce that irresistible swimming action.

One of the biggest benefits to the tail design of the 2.5” Grub is that it swims at much slower speeds, including on the drop using much lighter weight jigheads than the competition. The swimming action of the 2.5” BaitJunkie is simply outstanding and is sure to be one of the most popular shapes in the BaitJunkie line-up.

The 2.5” Grub features rigging lines top and bottom for those who prefer to rig tail up or down, and also features a handy DVEC logo printing on the side indicating a recommended trimming if you wish to use a slightly smaller profile bait in highly pressured situations. Available in 15 fantastic colours including two-tone laminate options, the 2.5” Grub is perfectly suited to chasing all sorts of species in both fresh & saltwater. The BaitJunkie 2.5” Grub comes in 8 pieces per pack.

NOTE: Please do not store BaitJunkie soft plastics with any PVC based soft plastic (most regular jigs) or in non-appropriate plastic storage boxes.

  • Amino X - A natural based flavour & scent which masks any unnatural plastic odours or smells. The addition of AMINO-X means when fish bite, they hold on longer, giving anglers more time to react and ultimately more fish in the boat.
  • Elastomax material - All BaitJunkie baits are made from Daiwa’s Elastomax material. A stretchy, durable & buoyant material, Elastomax allows for thinner designs without sacrificing strength, which results in significantly improved swimming action at slow speeds.
  • Floating - The bouyant nature of Elastomax also means baits will rest 'tailup' when rigged on traditional jigheads. This gets the tail up off the bottom and into the current, meaning BaitJunkie baits swim even when you’re not retrieving them.
  • Length 2,5" / 6,5 cm
  • 8 pieces per package
  • Recommended jig head: #4 - #2/0
  • Recommended offset hook: #2 - #1
  • Non-toxic material and doesn't contain PVC/Plastisol or Phathalates
  • Due extremely elastic material, we recommend using jig heads with metallic pin keeper for easy rigging


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